Disabled Refuge

At Albion Detection, all of our Disabled Refuge products strictly adhere to the compliance of BS 5839 Part 9 and support Building Regulations which state all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey must provide ‘refuge’ areas.

Refuge areas refer to safe places within a building that can be used by people who cannot easily access and/or use fire escapes due to immobility or disabilities. These areas must be equipped with a communications device which allows for assistance to be called whilst individuals wait for help. It is essential that this technology is easy to use and does not fail.

Our disabled refuge products are reliable, easy to install and cost-effective. All products within our range are simple to use with clear two-way communication and suitable for a number of different requirements.

Expert Assessment and Installation

To follow regulations, it is essential that these products are installed by a professional in a suitable area. Our specialist team, at Albion Detective, understand these products inside out and are qualified to install and test them in the correct locations. We suggest a full assessment of your building before recommending specific products. Call us today to find out more.

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