Wireless Fire Alarms

Highly effective and reliable

Here at Albion Detection Systems we can design and supply advanced wireless fire alarm systems which are quick and easy to install.

Our specialist fire alarm technicians will design throughout Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Yorkshire a wireless system that addresses all of your requirements, and we will expertly fit every component in the optimum positions for complete and comprehensive coverage.

These systems are particularly beneficial for our clients that can’t afford the disruption of having a cabled system installed, or if you have a listed building that you need to protect from destructive and invasive systems. They can either be powered by batteries or the main electricity supply in your property, and are an extremely cost effective and reliable method of alarming your building.

Radio Fire Alarms

Each component in a wireless or radio fire alarm communicates remotely via a secure radio frequency.

The detectors, call points and sounders can be linked to an addressable fire alarm panel to ensure you can identify the region of the fire quickly and safely, and will automatically sound the alarm to alert people in the vicinity.

If you already have a cabled system in place and need it upgrading to provide additional protection to new areas, or increased protection with an addressable wireless system, we can easily install a radio fire alarm system alongside it.

As with all fire alarm systems, adequate and regular maintenance is essential to ensure your fire alarm performs perfectly in an emergency. Here at Albion Detection we can cater for all your servicing, maintenance and repair needs so you can rest assured that your wireless fire alarm system is functioning perfectly at all times.

For more information about our wireless fire alarms and radio fire alarms give us a call today on 0114 236 9640 or contact us online!