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Here at Albion Detection Systems we are experts when it comes to electronic security and can design and install CCTV systems to suit your needs and a variety of purposes.

Whether you require a professional CCTV system to provide continuous surveillance and an effective crime deterrent or to increase the safety and comfort of people visiting your property or even just to aid the general management and supervision of your premises – we can help.

We offer throughout Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Yorkshire, a range of quality CCTV equipment and components from the leading manufacturers. From video recorders and DRVs, to covert or pan and tilt cameras, and even a range of high quality monitors between 4 and 21 inches, all available in either colour or mono, we will compile your CCTV system from all the specialist devices necessary to completely satisfy your requirements.


CCTV Installation

Effective placement and a high quality installation are essential to ensuring your new CCTV system is effective and reliable.

With over two decades of experience the CCTV installation team here at Albion Detection Systems will provide a professional assessment of your clients’ property and requirements. From this they will help you to identify not just the ideal CCTV equipment, but also the most appropriate installation methods and location placements for each individual camera, recorder or monitor. As specialists in electronic security we can integrate your CCTV system with your other systems, such as your access control and intruder alarms. We can even install interface switches to connect multiple cameras to multiple monitors, enabling anyone viewing the CCTV footage to observe more than one zone at a time.

We understand that in any commercial or domestic situation it is essential to minimise disruption throughout the installation of your new system. This is why our engineers will work swiftly and efficiently whilst installing your CCTV system. They will however, still ensure every CCTV installation they carry out is done to the highest industry standards and in direct accordance with all relevant legal requirements and data protection laws.

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