Plastering/Suspended Ceilings

Plastering and suspended ceilings are another method of passive fire protection. A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main, structural, ceiling used primarily in commercial and industrial buildings The main reason for suspended ceilings is fire protection in modern construction. However, they are also commonly used for aesthetics, hiding pipes and cables, and thermal and acoustic benefits.

A lightweight, metal, wire grid is suspended from the structural ceiling allowing tiles and/or plasterboards to slot into the grid and create an additional layer. When plasterboards are used they can be finished with a plaster skim coat to complete the suspended ceiling.

Advice from our Experts

Plastering and suspended ceilings are versatile and provide a number of options at different price points. Due to strict fire regulations it is essential to find a suitable solution. For more information on options available and installation contact our specialist team here at Albion Detection today.