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Our fire alarm technicians are vastly experienced and have developed a wealth of knowledge which allows them to effectively assess your building and your individual requirements. This will enable us design an effective fire alarm system that will provide adequate protection for your building, its occupants and your assets.

Here at Albion Detection Systems we design a whole range of bespoke fire alarm systems to suit the needs of our clients and their property across Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Yorkshire. Whether you need a basic, conventional fire alarm system to activate sounders and possibly indicate the zone of a fire, or an addressable fire alarm system where each detector is identifiable thanks to an individual address code, we can help.

These are essential in large buildings as the sooner the exact area of the fire can be identified, the sooner an adequate and effective response can be coordinated. It also allows maintenance work to be carried out on single faulty components to ensure your fire alarm system is always effective when needed.

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