Fire Extinguishers Disposal

Fire extinguishers are pressurised containers, so if they are misused, damaged or are no longer functional, it is essential that you have them removed and replaced with new reliable fire extinguishers to make sure that you are always fully protected in the event of a fire.

We’ll assess your property and determine whether you still have the right extinguishers for your needs, and can check over your current extinguishers to make sure that they are still functioning properly and up to current regulations. If not, we will remove them from your property, dispose of them legally and replace them with new, fully guaranteed ones. So you can rest assured that they will work, should you need them.

Every business has a legal responsibility to ensure that all waste, including fire extinguishers, is disposed of safely and properly. This is why we offer a comprehensive fire extinguisher disposal service that will remove and recycle your old or condemned extinguishers, so you can rest assured that you have fulfilled your obligations.