Fire/Acoustic Barriers

To restrict the spread of smoke and fire within buildings, fire barriers are inserted between interior walls, in cavities and into ceiling and roof voids. The aim of fire barriers is to help contain a fire, limit heat transfer and essential divide areas to reduce fire spreading between areas. With an average of two to three hour fire resistance, these barriers should allow for enough time to evacuate a building safely.

In addition to their fire resistance, these barriers are used for acoustic purposes. They allow for the absorption of sound and reduce acoustic transmission between rooms.

Advice from the Experts

The legislations and requirements around fire barriers are vast. They come in different sizes, materials and are sold by a vast supply of manufacturers. For this reason alone it is best to hire a professional. Contact our specialists at Albion Detection to advise you on fire and acoustic barriers. We can assess the type of barrier best suited to your building and ensure they are installed to give maximum protection and follow fire safety legislation.