Should a fire break out in an occupied building the main lighting supply is often the first thing to fail, which means that those inside need help to guide them to the nearest exit.

Here at Albion Detection Systems we can supply and install across Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Yorkshire, a huge range of security and emergency lighting systems to provide effective assistance and guidance should this happen. From ceiling mounted and slim line lights that are ideal in most offices, to more decorative lighting such as subtle recessed lights and even weather proof lighting, we will have the perfect emergency lighting to suit any environment.

Our security lighting specialists have years of experience in the industry, assisting a wide variety of clients with different commercial and industrial needs.

From residential building such as student halls and flats to commercial and public buildings such as libraries and hospitals. We will assess your property and determine which type of security lighting will best assist the building’s occupants in an emergency.

With our expertise and range of leading emergency lighting products, you can also be confident that whatever emergency lighting system we install will completely comply with all the relevant health and safety regulations.

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