Fire Stopping, Acoustic Sealing & Air Sealing

As well as preventing the spread of fire, here at Albion Detection, we also specialise in reducing acoustic conduction throughout buildings, and air sealing to improve the energy efficiency of industrial, commercial and residential properties.

We use the best manufactured materials to acoustically seal structural areas across all forms of construction projects. This, in turn, enforces high levels of fire protection and energy efficiency within the property.

What is Acoustic Sealing?

Acoustic Sealing is essentially ‘soundproofing’ a building or a room to stop noise travelling in or out of the area – it also improves the durability of the building.

What is Air Sealing?

Buildings often suffer from air leaks which reduce energy efficiency, run up energy costs and also increase the spread of fire much easier. By sealing these leaks you’ll find your heating bills are smaller and your property is safer. Air sealing improves the quality of air in the building and adds to the structural durability of the property along with acoustic sealing.

All work is done in accordance with Building Regulations L2 which enforces appropriate levels of air leakage and energy conservation for all construction projects across the UK to push for higher standards and a more sustainable future.