Aegis Damper Control Panel

The Aegis Damper Control Panel is a low cost method of controlling smoke dampers either individually or in multiples.

Smoke damper actuators are wired via interface units in a loop configuration with up to 50 smoke damper interfaces per loop. Smoke Damper can either be 24v DC or 240v AC and can be of various manufactures. Inputs are available for interfacing to external equipment such as fire alarms and BMS systems.

With the Aegis Damper Control panel additions to a system are simple and cost effective reducing the need for expensive control panel modifications and extensive radial cable runs.

All the smoke dampers we supply are manufactured by the leading names in the industry to give you peace of mind in their reliability and function, and with our highly trained and qualified team, you can be sure that we will pay attention to every detail to ensure the safety of you and your workers.

Simply give us a call to find out more about our varied range of smoke and fire dampers. We will be happy to discuss your concerns and requirements to ensure that we provide the best products for you.

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