Fire Protection Equipment

To completely secure your property against the risk of fire, your premises requires methods of fire detection, protection and suppression.

Here at Albion Detection, we provide a comprehensive range of fire protection solutions to ensure that your property is guarded against any type of fire.

We stock some of the highest quality fire defence equipment available, including alarms, sprinklers anti-fire padding and extinguishers to tackle any type of fire, be it chemical, electrical, material based or any other kind.

Expert Surveys & Assessments

Albion Detection supply a wide range of fire protection equipment from some of the most reputable vendors on the market. If you’re unsure exactly which methods of fire protection your property needs to ensure security, our expert survey team can conduct a comprehensive assessment of the premises to accurately determine your needs, and recommend the ideal solution. Our teams can also ensure your alarms, extinguishers and sprinklers are installed safely and conveniently for use in an emergency, ensuring that your premises are as protected against fire as possible.

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