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24V 250mA Door Release Power Supply Unit c/w detector circuit

£66.00 excl VAT

  • A compact double gang Mains derived power supply c/w a conventional fire detector circuit.
  • Designed to provide power to up to 5 x 50mA 24V DC electromagnetic door retainers.
  • When used with two x ActiV fire detectors allows a cost-effective ‘stand-alone’ automatic door release system to be built (pre-packed BF375PEK kits are available).
  • Maximum PSU output is 250mA.
  • Trigger Release and fault monitored Zone Trigger inputs facilitate straightforward connection to fire alarm detectors, control panels, building management systems, timers, relays and other ancillary equipment.
  • Includes a manual release button, a Mains On and an Output Triggered indicator.
  • Can be mounted on a standard 25mm UK double gang flush or surface back box.
  • The BF375PE is also available as part of our BF375PEK automatic door release system kit which includes 1 x BF375PE, 2 x ActiV fire detectors, 2 x ActiV detector bases and 1 x electromagnetic door retainer.


Application/operationA double gang Mains derived power supply c/w a conventional fire detector circuit. Provides 250mA @ 24V DC for powering up to 5 electromagnetic door retainers rated @ 50mA each.
Mains supply230V 50/60Hz.
Output250mA @ 21-28V DC.
IndicatorsMains On (green); Output Triggered (red).
ControlsManual release via red button on PSU fascia.
ConnectionsMains supply terminal, Unswitched +V, Switched +V (for door retainer connection), 2 x 0V, Zone Trig (for fire detector/manual release button connection, fault monitored), Trig (for remote equipment connection).


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