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ActiV Conventional Hi-Output W-2.75-9 Wall VAD c/w 100dB(A) Sounder (shallow base)

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  • LPCB certified to EN54-3 (Sounders) and EN54-23 (VADs).
  • Provides ‘W-2.75-9’ rated light distribution when wall mounted (min. 0.4 lux over a 2.75 x 9m cuboid area). Also rated as a W-4-4 VAD.
  • Impressive 100dB(A) sound output @ 1m.
  • 31 selectable primary and secondary tone pairs and two volume levels (high and low)
  • Three selectable VAD flash rates (0.5Hz, 1Hz, OFF)
  • Alarm Current at 30Vdc = 12.2mA (0.5Hz) or 19.5mA (1Hz)
  • Alarm Current at 18Vdc = 14.5mA (0.5Hz) or 25mA (1Hz)
  • IP21C rated.
  • Manufactured in the UK by C-TEC.


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Approvals/certificationsCertified to EN54-3 & 23 by the LPCB.
Protocol/compatibilityCompatible with C-TEC’s CFP, FP, MFP and EP203 conventional fire alarm panels and virtually all other makes (testing on third-party panels is recommended before use)
Application/operationDesigned to be wall mounted. Indoor areas only.
VAD category & coverageW-2.75-9 rated light distribution (min. 0.4 lux over a 2.7.5m x 9m cuboid area). Also certified as a W-4-4 rated VAD.
Flash rate & colour0.5Hz; 1Hz or OFF / White.
Supply/operating voltage18 to 30V DC.
Nominal SPL (Sound Pressure Level)100dB(A).
Alarm currentAt 30Vdc: 12.2mA (0.5Hz) or 19.5mA (1Hz); At 18Vdc: 14.5mA (0.5Hz) or 25mA (1Hz)
Product dimensions (mm)108mm diameter x 99mm deep.
IP RatingIP21C (Type A).
Operating conditions/temperature-10ºC to +55ºC. Max. 95% RH (Non-condensing).


VAD coverage depends on factors such as ambient light and viewing angle (direct or indirect). The table below summarises how the coverage of the CA433C/CC/SR increases or decreases based on these factors. To use the table, calculate the lux level of the area requiring coverage, determine whether the viewing angle will be direct or indirect then read off the coverage in the relevant column. For further information refer to our VAD System Design Guide, downloadable from the Documentation tab below.

Wall MountedWallMounted
Lux level in area requiring coverageDirect ViewingIndirect Viewing
000-101 lux14.30m H x 46.80m W4.95m H x 16.2m W
101-200 lux12.10m H x 39.60m W4.67m H x 15.3m W
201-300 lux8.80m H x 28.80m W3.85m H x 12.6m W
301-400 lux6.32m H x 20.70m W3.30m H x 10.8m W
401-500 lux4.95m H x 14.40m W2.75m H x 9m W
501-600 lux3.57m H x 11.7m W2.47m H x 8.1m W
601-700 lux2.75m H x 9.0m W1.92m H x 6.3m W
701-800 lux1.90m H x 6.3W1.65m H x 5.4m W


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