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C-TEC Mk1 Loop Powered Hush Button, Hochiki ESP compatible

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The XFP508H Hush Button has been specifically designed to reduce the incidence of false alarms in houses of multiple occupation by providing reliable, fully monitored fire detection, alarm and silencing facilities inside each individual flat or apartment.

It can be looked upon as a miniature loop-powered single zone fire alarm controller that sits and is addressed on an Hochiki ESP analogue loop with the ability to communicate its status back to the host panel. On a typical system one Hush Button is fitted in each dwelling complete with conventional detectors and conventional sounders to provide occupants with a simple means of invoking two types of ‘hushed’ period.

By providing occupants with this level of control over their fire alarm systems, it helps reduce false alarms and prevent unnecessary building evacuations, system vandalism and the likelihood of a true alarm signal being ignored.

Key Features:

  • Upgrades the level of protection offered in a flat or apartment from the Grade D minimum (mains/battery smoke alarms) to Grade A or B
  • Provides each individual dwelling with a 2 minute silence facility and 15 minute isolate facility to BS 5839 pt 6 clause 12.2
  • Can be operated by building occupants whilst standing at floor level
  • Includes a built-in loop isolator, conventional sounder circuit, conventional detector circuit and three status LEDs
  • Fully monitored for open and short circuit faults (logging facilities at the host panel give full traceability of any problems)
  • Failsafe operation – a general fire condition at the host panel will override any silenced/isolated state at the hush button and immediately turn on its local sounders
  • Operation of a manual call point fitted with a resistor of less than 400 ohm will immediately trigger the host panel (a 330 Ohm resistor is supplied)
  • Common OV line allows sounders and detectors to be wired in three core cable
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