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EN54-13 Interface Board

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  • BSI certified to EN54-13 (Fire detection and fire alarm systems, compatibility assessment of system components).
  • Fits inside a CFP standard 2-8 zone fire panel to provide two EN54-13 monitored sounder circuits.
  • When used in conjunction with our CFP Standard 2-8 Zone Fire Panels, ActiV fire detectors and a wide range of specified sounders, VADs and call points, installers can rest-assured the system they are installing is fully compliant with the system compatibility requirements of EN54-13 and is certified as such by the BSI.
  • Monitors its onboard sounder circuits for partial and full open or short circuit faults when used in conjunction with a BF355 fault monitoring module (one BF355 required per sounder circuit).
  • Ideal for use in territories where EN54-13 is mandated such as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
Approvals/certificationsCertified to EN54-13 by the BSI (KM615562).
Application/operationDetects sounder circuit resistances down to 10Ω plus or minus 10%.
No. of conventional sounder circuits2.
EOL resistor value6800Ω 5% Tol. 0/25W (blue, grey, red, gold).
Alarm voltage27 VDV max., 20 VDC min
Max. sounder output current2 x 400mA (800mA total)
Product dimensions (mm)80 W x 124 H x D 9mm.


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