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L2 Specialist Powder Extinguisher (8Kg)

£254.10 excl VAT

Class D fires are caused by burning metals that combust easily on contact with air, such as magnesium and lithium. Such specialised fires require a specialised metal powder fire extinguisher to deal with them, and will be required in scientific labs or where manufacturing processes involve the risk of metal fires.

For example, aluminium dust or swarf can catch fire, so any process involving cutting, drilling or milling aluminium holds potential risk. The special low velocity applicator lance prevents you spreading the burning metal powder or swarf around your lab or workshop as it slows down the delivery of powder to allow the user to carefully aim where it is needed. Monnex Powders are specialised ‘BCE’ Powder, with a greater ability to extinguish Liquid, Gas and Electrical fires than standard extinguishers.

Key Features

  • 5 year warranty
  • Specialist Class D fires (Including Lithium)
  • CE Mark Certified by BSI
  • Low velocity applicator included
  • Supplied filled, pressurised & includes mounting bracket
  • High quality external polyester paint
  • Brass Nickel Chrome plated head valve with simple squeeze operation
  • Rechargeable and easy to service

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