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QT951 Quantec Accessible Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit

£108.98 excl VAT

  • A cost-effective expansion kit that adds true BS8300 compliant accessible toilet alarm functionality to a Quantec Addressable Call System.
  • Includes a QT607 ceiling pull unit, a QT605S reset point c/w confidence sounder, a Quantec slave overdoor light c/w sounder and an NC949 Accessible Toilet Sticker.
  • Allows people in distress to call for help quickly and easily.
  • Call acknowledgement function provides audible & visual feedback inside the WC that help is on the way (see Operation section below).
  • Staff can ‘Accept’ alarm calls at a Quantec display.
  • Multiple kits can be used on one Quantec system.
  • Includes a free MRSA resistant anti-bacterial pull cord pack (for a limited period only).
  • Backwards compatible.
  • Must be used in conjunction with at least one Quantec Controller.


Mains supplyPower derived from main QT601-2 Quantec Controller (not supplied).
Internal power supplyN/A.
Total output current limited toN/A.
Quiescent currentTypically 6mA.
Zone currentN/A.
Max battery size and typeAn optional standby battery supply (2 x 12V 7Ah VRLA) can be connected at the main QT601-2 Quantec Controller, not supplied.
Alarm currentLess than 30mA (all QT951 devices).
Auxiliary relaysN/A. However optional QT612 Relay Output Devices can be connected to the Quantec network/wiring.
IndicatorsQT607 has a red Reassurance LED; QT605S has a red/green Reassurance LED; QT606S has twin red/green Alarm LEDs.
ControlsQT607 Ceiling pull activated by two pull cord bangles. QT605S has a Reset button. Call “Accept” function can be carried out at a Quantec Display (not supplied).
Expansion connectionsN/A. However additional call and indicating devices can be connected to the Quantec network/wiring.
Onboard SounderYes (on QT605S and QT606S).
Onboard Infrared ReceiverNo.
Product dimensions (mm)87 W x 87 H x 68 D (QT606S); 87 W x 87 H x 24 D (QT605S). Ceiling pull measures 93mm diameter x 27 D.
Packaging dimensions (mm)143 W x 96 H x 102 D mm (size of QT951 kit box containing all items).
Construction & finishPlastic.
IP RatingIP41 (QT606S); IP40 (QT605S); IP21 (QT607).
Operating conditions/temperature-5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
NotesThe QT951 is an expansion kit designed for use with Quantec Addressable Call Systems. It must be used in conjunction with at least one QT601-2 Quantec Controller.


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