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Sounder Isolator Module (max. 30 per BF365SC)

£35.00 excl VAT

  • A fault isolating module with sounder drive capability designed to meet requirement 17.9.2c of Dutch standard NEN2575.
  • BSI certified to EN54 parts 17 & 18.
  • Measures just 55mm x 55mm x 16mm (will fit in the base of most conventional sounders).
  • Up to 30 BF365IM modules per BF365SC controller.
  • Allows low-cost, non-fire resistant sounder circuit cabling to be used when used in conjunction with our BF365SC Sounder Isolator Controller (subject to fire officer approval).
  • Wiring must be made in a loop arrangement, beginning and ending at the controller.
  • If a wiring fault should occur, the Module(s) nearest to the faulty section of cabling will, if needed, isolate this section. As the Modules are driven from each direction, any loss of cable integrity will have no effect on the functionality of the actual sounders.
  • Refer to main instructions for further details
  • Not suitable for use in the UK.


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