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ZFP 4 Way Relay PCB (half size)

£200.00 excl VAT

  • 4-Way Relay PCB designed to enhance the functionality of a ZFP addressable fire panel to include 4 additional relay outputs.
  • 4 x 1A 30V single pole contacts.
  • Programmable via the ZFP’s  PC Tools.
  • Polling, power and separate Relay Activated LED indicators.
  • Up to 15 A-BUS Expansion PCBs can be connected to a ZFP Panel via its RS485 A-BUS network.
  • Typically installed within the ZFP panel but can work up to 1 KM away for non-EN 54-2 functions.


TypeVolt-free single pole changeover; 1A, 30Vdc (max.)
IndicatorsPolling LED; Power LED; Relay Activated (x4).
ConnectionsA-BUS RS485 connections (B, A, 0) to main ZFP PCB; 24V supply input (from main ZFP PCB or external EN54-4 PSU); Comms and Power In/Out connections. 4 x NO/C/NC relay connections.
Product dimensions (mm)80 W x 70 H x 30 D mm.
Operating conditions/temperature-5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
Network specificationDedicated A-BUS RS485 monitored radial circuit. 1KM max length. Up to 15 A-BUS PCBs per panel.
NotesUse Dipswitch SW1 to set the PCB’s address – see main ZFP panel instructions for details.


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