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16 Line SigTEL Master Controller c/w handset

£1,650.00 excl VAT

Designed for use with our popular SigTEL system, the ECU-16 features a new-look high-performance handset to allow operators to communicate with up to 16 disabled refuge or fire telephone systems.

The controller’s powerful networking capabilities also allow up to 14 ECU-16 master controllers to be interlinked to create systems of up to 224 lines. A separate ECU-224 desk control unit can also be connected to allow communication with up to 224 outstations from a single point.

Compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of Type A (Fire Telephone) and Type B (Disabled Refuge) outstations and remote fire telephone handsets, the controller can be easily interfaced to NC951 accessible toilet alarms, PDA hearing loop systems, strobes, CCTV activation relays and more.

Key Features

  • A new 16-line Master Controller for use with our SigTEL disabled refuge, fire telephone and stadium marshalling system.
  • Allows operators to communicate with up to four disabled refuge or fire telephone outstations.
  • Includes an attractive semi-recessed handset.
  • Improved SigTEL networking capability allow systems of up to 224 lines to be created with optional/additional desk unit control.
  • Backlit LCD and unique ‘auto-learn’ facility allows fast system set up.
  • Can be semi-flush mounted using an AFP385 bezel.
  • Operation can be maintained for 24 hours (standby) and 3 hours (in use) using 2 x 12V 7 Ahr batteries.
  • Easily interfaced to NC951 accessible toilet alarms, PDA range hearing loop systems, strobes, CCTV activation relays, etc.


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