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Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher (2Kg)

£47.55 excl VAT

Our CO2 fire extinguishers are highly effective at tackling fires fuelled by flammable liquids and electrical equipment; this makes Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers perfect for situating in offices. CO2 fire extinguishers are usually just one half of an extinguisher team, often being paired with either a water or foam extinguisher.

All of our CO2 extinguishers are supplied with a frost free horn or Hose and horn (5kg) to eliminate frost burn when using the extinguisher. By using aluminium to manufacture the main body, our CO2 fire extinguishers are lightweight and easy to handle unlike steel body alternatives. These extinguishers are supplied with wall mounting brackets which make storing the unit easy and safe.

Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are mainly used to cover electrical risks and also can extinguish smaller flammable liquid fires. The gas is clean and common places for use include computer server rooms and offices.

Jewel Fire Group Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are assembled in the UK and we supply the 2Kg with a frost-free safe horn and the 5Kg with hose and horn as standard.

Key Features

  • 10 year warranty from date of manufacture
  • Aluminium cylinders – lighter than steel equivalent and lower risk of corrosion
  • 2Kg and 5Kg versions Marine Equipment Directive Approved recycling capability
  • Refunds for return of cylinders at end of life (see Cash for Cans)
  • Boxed for safe transportation
  • Recycling Capability


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