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Quantec Radio Receiver

£288.00 excl VAT

  • Designed for use with Quantec’s QT412 & QT432 range of infrared/radio transmitters and pendants.
  • Operates at radio frequency (RF) 868.3 MHz,
  • Allows standard, help required, emergency and/or attack calls to be generated from external areas such as car parks, loading bays, etc.
  • Typical RF coverage is 60m (depending on physical conditions & environmental factors).
  • Optional external extension aerial (QT422RXEX) can increase coverage to up to 90m.
  • Test Mode allows localised transmitter/receiver testing.
  • Optional QT421 RF Integrity Transmitter can be used to send regular test transmissions to the Receiver to ensure it is operational (a fault is flagged if a transmission is not received).
  • Can be configured to receive calls from certain transmitters only via an RF grouping facility.
Quiescent currentTBC.
IndicatorsPower (green); RF Data (green); Error (amber).
Controls1 x ‘Group ID’ dipswitch; 1 x ‘Operating Modes’ dipswitch – see instructions for details.
ConnectionsNet +: Net -.
Onboard 6.35mm Remote Jack SocketNo.
Onboard SounderNo.
Onboard Infrared ReceiverNo.
Product dimensions (mm)275 W x 220 H x 92 D mm. Surface mounting.
Construction & finishPlastic.
IP RatingTBC.
Operating conditions/temperature-5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.


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