emergency call points

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  • Blue Housing Shell for Euro Stopper

    £7.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-CKE-272-B

  • Breakable Seals Pack of 10

    £6.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI/BS

  • Call Point Green Surface Stopper

    £26.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-6931/G

  • Call Point Red Flush Stopper

    £18.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-6930

  • Call Point Red Surface Stopper

    £26.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-6931

  • Call Point Stopper Flush Mount without Integral Sounder – Green

    £18.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-6930/G

  • Conventional Emergency Call Point with Button Reset and Remote Socket

    £41.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  NC802DEB-1/2

  • Conventional Emergency Call Reset Point with Button Reset

    £35.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  NC804DE

  • Euro Stopper Multi Kit with Integral Sounder.

    £62.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-15020ML

  • EuroStopper 50mm Spacer

    £14.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-6507

  • EuroStopper Surface Mount Kit with No Sounder

    £38.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-15C10ML

  • EuroStopper Surface Mount Kit with Sounder

    £70.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  STI-15C20ML