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  • Hochiki Addressable Call Point with Short Circuit Isolator

    £60.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  HCP-E(SCI)

  • Hochiki Marine Common Mounting Base

    £5.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  YBN-R/3

  • Hochiki Multi Heat Sensor (Ivory)

    £55.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  ATJ-EN

  • Hochiki Multi Sensor Detector (Heat and Smoke) (White)

    £61.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  ACC-EN

  • Hochiki Photoelectric Smoke Sensor – Black case

    £73.00 excl VAT


  • Hochiki Photoelectric Smoke Sensor (Ivory)

    £55.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  ALN-EN

  • Hochiki Sensor Mounting Base (Black)

    £9.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  YBN-R/3(BLK)

  • Hochiki Surface Mounting Call Point Back Box Red

    £3.00 excl VAT


  • Hochiki Waterproof Combined Heat Sensor

    £118.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  ACB-EW

  • Hochiki Weatherproof Addressable Call Point with SCI IP67

    £215.00 excl VAT

    SKU:  HCP-W(SCI)