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5KG CO2 Premium Refurb Aluminium Extinguisher

£43.00 excl VAT

The 5KG CO2 extinguishers is a superb industry leading CO2 aluminium refurbished extinguisher which uses our 20 step recycling process; restoring the original cylinders to as good as new. These are without doubt the best quality C02 refurbished extinguishers in the UK.

The refurbished CO2 fire extinguishers provide high quality, reliable fire protection but with added benefits.

These refurbished units save perfectly good materials from being wrongly disposed of and helping to save unnecessary environmental damage.

Due to the refurb process that we use, the extinguishers are also an economical option for customers.

Key Features

  • 5-year warranty from date of manufacture
  • Manufactured using high quality architectural standard paint and screen printed
  • Aluminium cylinders – lighter than steel equivalent and lower risk of corrosion
  • Recycling capability
  • Refunds for return of cylinders at end of life (see Cash for Cans)
  • Supplied with bracket and horns and boxed for safe transportation

Our 20 Step recycling process produces the finest CO2 refurbs in the UK. The process is as follows:

  • Discharge of CO2 gas
  • Remove valve
  • Inspect cylinder
  • Remove labels
  • Internally check cylinder
  • Pressure test cylinder
  • Shot blast cylinder
  • Linish any paint remaining
  • Weigh cylinder
  • Date stamp cylinder
  • Record cylinder details
  • Epoxy paint cylinder
  • Move to assembly area
  • Assemble CO2 valve
  • Fit valve assembly
  • Label cylinder
  • Fill cylinder
  • 24 hour pressure check
  • Box extinguishers
  • Send to stores for dispatch


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